The Road to Ethel

as travelled by Brians, Pences, Bennetts, Clemmonses, Swifts, et al

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Franklin County, Mississippi



Latitude: 31.477505, Longitude: -90.898033


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CRIDER, Emily  1818Franklin County, Mississippi I632
2 EVANS, Mary Rebecca  25 May 1835Franklin County, Mississippi I96
3 EVANS, Sarah Adeline  1832Franklin County, Mississippi I1157
4 HALL, James J Sr  18 Dec 1852Franklin County, Mississippi I286
5 HALL, Sarah Elizabeth  27 Aug 1854Franklin County, Mississippi I1018
6 HARDIN, Minnie Lula  21 Dec 1870Franklin County, Mississippi I190
7 LOFTON, Zachariah Frederick  Jan 1841Franklin County, Mississippi I245
8 NETTLES, Carolyn  1825Franklin County, Mississippi I1419
9 REDD, Elijah O  1852Franklin County, Mississippi I109
10 REDD, Robert W  20 Aug 1868Franklin County, Mississippi I634
11 SMITH, Betsy  1893Franklin County, Mississippi I1542
12 SMITH, Sarah Jane  10 Jun 1838Franklin County, Mississippi I352
13 SMITH, William Lawrence  1840Franklin County, Mississippi I781
14 TARVER, Allen  11 Oct 1832Franklin County, Mississippi I862
15 TARVER, Charles Wesley  1848Franklin County, Mississippi I346
16 TARVER, Elizabeth  8 Aug 1824Franklin County, Mississippi I409
17 TARVER, Elvira Olivia  1 May 1837Franklin County, Mississippi I1176
18 TARVER, James Jenkins  1839Franklin County, Mississippi I526
19 TARVER, Jenning Cicero  15 Jun 1855Franklin County, Mississippi I1850
20 TARVER, John Hampton  1825Franklin County, Mississippi I1404
21 TARVER, Marcus Moore  1845Franklin County, Mississippi I956
22 TARVER, Martha L  Feb 1843Franklin County, Mississippi I227
23 TARVER, Mary Ann  Jan 1839Franklin County, Mississippi I628
24 TARVER, Pernicie Evelyne  10 Aug 1860Franklin County, Mississippi I69
25 TARVER, Sarah Ann  1843Franklin County, Mississippi I490
26 TARVER, Thomas  1833Franklin County, Mississippi I742
27 TARVER, Webster  14 Feb 1863Franklin County, Mississippi I110
28 TARVER, William James  1835Franklin County, Mississippi I1316
29 WACTOR, Cassandra Adeline  11 Dec 1860Franklin County, Mississippi I693
30 WACTOR, Delilah Jane  1814Franklin County, Mississippi I1371
31 WACTOR, Hardian Melissa  14 Jul 1870Franklin County, Mississippi I114
32 WACTOR, Isaac Jacob  3 Mar 1854Franklin County, Mississippi I878
33 WACTOR, John Wiley  8 Jan 1820Franklin County, Mississippi I1607
34 WACTOR, Juliana A  3 May 1864Franklin County, Mississippi I1581
35 WACTOR, Lucretia  4 Mar 1858Franklin County, Mississippi I1616
36 WACTOR, Rachel Elizabeth  16 Jan 1850Franklin County, Mississippi I685
37 WACTOR, Susan  Abt 1856Franklin County, Mississippi I506
38 WARD, William Oscar  2 Apr 1882Franklin County, Mississippi I343


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARNOLD, Susannah  1864Franklin County, Mississippi I379
2 BONDS, Martha Jane  1860Franklin County, Mississippi I1114
3 BUNCH, Mary Ann  1885Franklin County, Mississippi I313
4 BUNCH, Rachael  1880Franklin County, Mississippi I1233
5 CRIDER, Elijah  1878Franklin County, Mississippi I1721
6 CRIDER, Emily  1888Franklin County, Mississippi I632
7 CRIDER, Frederick  1860Franklin County, Mississippi I566
8 CRIDER, Margaret  1864Franklin County, Mississippi I811
9 CRIDER, Sarah  Abt 1849Franklin County, Mississippi I1091
10 CRIDER, Susannah  1879Franklin County, Mississippi I675
11 GRAY, Mary Page  22 Sep 1858Franklin County, Mississippi I1320
12 HALL, James  6 Feb 1892Franklin County, Mississippi I1192
13 HALL, John A  2 Jul 1910Franklin County, Mississippi I1832
14 HALL, Mary  3 Nov 1886Franklin County, Mississippi I1833
15 LOFTON, Abigail  Apr 1876Franklin County, Mississippi I1137
16 LOFTON, Jane Page  17 Sep 1838Franklin County, Mississippi I1565
17 LOFTON, Mildred Walker Gray  15 Aug 1896Franklin County, Mississippi I1146
18 LOFTON, Thomas  May 1844Franklin County, Mississippi I1566
19 LOFTON, William W  12 Aug 1862Franklin County, Mississippi I482
20 LOFTON, Zachariah Frederick  25 Nov 1915Franklin County, Mississippi I245
21 MCGRAW, Margaret  Mar 1850Franklin County, Mississippi I229
22 NETTLES, Carolyn  1861Franklin County, Mississippi I1419
23 SMITH, William Lawrence  1909Franklin County, Mississippi I781
24 TARVER, Charles Wesley  Jul 1852Franklin County, Mississippi I346
25 TARVER, Dempsey Elisha  1854Franklin County, Mississippi I468
26 TARVER, Elizabeth  15 Mar 1913Franklin County, Mississippi I409
27 TARVER, James Jenkins  1848Franklin County, Mississippi I674
28 TARVER, Jenning Cicero  15 Dec 1901Franklin County, Mississippi I1850
29 TARVER, Martha L  1890Franklin County, Mississippi I227
30 TARVER, Mary Ann  11 Dec 1929Franklin County, Mississippi I628
31 TARVER, Pernicie Evelyne  10 Jul 1911Franklin County, Mississippi I69
32 TARVER, Sarah Ann  22 Jan 1853Franklin County, Mississippi I490
33 WACTOR, Cassandra Adeline  13 Oct 1911Franklin County, Mississippi I693
34 WACTOR, Delilah Jane  Abt 1860Franklin County, Mississippi I1371
35 WACTOR, Hardian Melissa  4 Aug 1946Franklin County, Mississippi I114
36 WACTOR, Isaac Jacob  13 Mar 1908Franklin County, Mississippi I878
37 WACTOR, John Davis  11 Dec 1938Franklin County, Mississippi I509
38 WACTOR, John Wiley  7 Mar 1908Franklin County, Mississippi I1607
39 WACTOR, Juliana A  1944Franklin County, Mississippi I1581
40 WACTOR, Lucretia  16 Jul 1893Franklin County, Mississippi I1616
41 WACTOR, Martha Jane  29 Jan 1960Franklin County, Mississippi I814
42 WACTOR, Rachel Elizabeth  17 Jul 1905Franklin County, Mississippi I685
43 WACTOR, Susan  3 Oct 1949Franklin County, Mississippi I506
44 WARD, Rudolphus D  2 Jul 1930Franklin County, Mississippi I1369


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ARNOLD, Susannah  Franklin County, Mississippi I379
2 CRIDER, Frederick  Franklin County, Mississippi I566
3 CRIDER, Margaret  Franklin County, Mississippi I811
4 EVANS, James G  1883Franklin County, Mississippi I213
5 HALL, James  Franklin County, Mississippi I1192
6 HALL, John A  Franklin County, Mississippi I1832
7 HALL, Mary  Franklin County, Mississippi I1833
8 TARVER, Elizabeth  Franklin County, Mississippi I409
9 WACTOR, John Wiley  Franklin County, Mississippi I1607
10 WACTOR, Lucretia  Franklin County, Mississippi I1616
11 WARD, Hirman Edmond  Franklin County, Mississippi I1568
12 WARD, Rudolphus D  Franklin County, Mississippi I1369

Real property

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Real property    Person ID 
1 LOFTON, William W  1 Feb 1859Franklin County, Mississippi I482


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ARNOLD, Susannah  1850Franklin County, Mississippi I379
2 BUNCH, Rachael  1850Franklin County, Mississippi I1233
3 CRIDER, Frederick  1830Franklin County, Mississippi I566
4 CRIDER, Frederick  1840Franklin County, Mississippi I566
5 CRIDER, Frederick  1841Franklin County, Mississippi I566
6 CRIDER, Frederick  1845Franklin County, Mississippi I566
7 CRIDER, Frederick  1850Franklin County, Mississippi I566
8 EVANS, John L Jr  1870Franklin County, Mississippi I103
9 GRAY, Mary Page  1850Franklin County, Mississippi I1320
10 HALL, Elizabeth  1860Franklin County, Mississippi I443
11 LOFTON, Mary Ann  1860Franklin County, Mississippi I415
12 LOFTON, William W  1840Franklin County, Mississippi I482
13 LOFTON, William W  1841Franklin County, Mississippi I482
14 LOFTON, William W  1850Franklin County, Mississippi I482
15 LOFTON, Zachariah Frederick  1860Franklin County, Mississippi I245
16 TARVER, Dempsey Anthony  1860Franklin County, Mississippi I1363
17 TARVER, Dempsey Elisha  1830Franklin County, Mississippi I468
18 TARVER, Dempsey Elisha  1840Franklin County, Mississippi I468
19 TARVER, Dempsey Elisha  1850Franklin County, Mississippi I468
20 TARVER, Elizabeth  1850Franklin County, Mississippi I409
21 TARVER, Elizabeth  1870Franklin County, Mississippi I409
22 TARVER, Elizabeth  1900Franklin County, Mississippi I409
23 TARVER, Isaac Hamilton  1840Franklin County, Mississippi I1841
24 TARVER, John Hampton  1850Franklin County, Mississippi I1404
25 TARVER, John Hampton  1860Franklin County, Mississippi I1404
26 TARVER, Mary Ann  1850Franklin County, Mississippi I628
27 TARVER, Mary Ann  1860Franklin County, Mississippi I628
28 TARVER, Mary Ann  1870Franklin County, Mississippi I628
29 TARVER, Mary Ann  1900Franklin County, Mississippi I628
30 TARVER, Sarah Ann  1850Franklin County, Mississippi I490
31 TARVER, Susan  1860Franklin County, Mississippi I1561
32 TARVER, William James  1850Franklin County, Mississippi I1316
33 TARVER, William James  1860Franklin County, Mississippi I1316
34 WACTOR, Cassandra Adeline  1870Franklin County, Mississippi I693
35 WACTOR, Hardian Melissa  1870Franklin County, Mississippi I114
36 WACTOR, Isaac Jacob  1870Franklin County, Mississippi I878
37 WACTOR, John Davis  1870Franklin County, Mississippi I509
38 WACTOR, John Wiley  1870Franklin County, Mississippi I1607
39 WACTOR, Lucretia  1860Franklin County, Mississippi I1616
40 WACTOR, Lucretia  1870Franklin County, Mississippi I1616
41 WACTOR, Martha Jane  1870Franklin County, Mississippi I814
42 WACTOR, Susan  1870Franklin County, Mississippi I506


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 EVANS / CRIDER  20 Sep 1824Franklin County, Mississippi F27
2 EVANS / UMN  Abt 1849Franklin County, Mississippi F26
3 LAIRD / CRIDER  1828Franklin County, Mississippi F463
4 LOFTON / TARVER  17 Feb 1859Franklin County, Mississippi F60
5 MORGAN / CRIDER  23 Oct 1824Franklin County, Mississippi F86
6 SMITH / TARVER  1860Franklin County, Mississippi F215
7 TARVER / HALL  28 Sep 1854Franklin County, Mississippi F376
8 TARVER / NETTLES  1846Franklin County, Mississippi F232
9 TARVER / SMITH  15 Aug 1861Franklin County, Mississippi F233
10 WACTOR / TARVER  24 Jul 1846Franklin County, Mississippi F455
11 WARD / EDWARDS  21 Oct 1896Franklin County, Mississippi F391
12 WARD / WACTOR  7 Feb 1878Franklin County, Mississippi F390
13 WATTS / LOFTON  16 Jan 1845Franklin County, Mississippi F148

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